Fall 2022 Predictions: Everything From Home Decor to Paint Colors

Photography by Michael Sinclair

Home Decor Trends

What’s trending in home decor for fall? Don’t worry it’s not pumpkin-shaped pillows or anything pumpkin related. Although, HomeGoods is never short of a cute pumpkin throw pillow and matching blanket. If you’re looking for something a little more fresh and elegant, then see the list of home decor trends to expect for the autumn season.

1. Mix and Match Vintage with Modern Decor

Now is the perfect time to go thrift shopping and spend weekends at estate sales. It’s time to hunt down the best vintage finds to add to your modern spaces. This fall is all about balancing two different styles to create a fresh look. The vintage decor will add the charm and character that your modern decor is missing.

2. Organic Materials 

This summer trend will carry over into the next season. Keep your ceramic vases and dishes, because organic materials will still be popular in the autumn. You can fill up a ceramic bowl with pine cones and freshly picked apples. Or redecorate with a new wood coffee table and matching end tables. The more organic furniture the better for fall.

3. Warm and Cozy Nooks

If you have an empty corner in your home, then it looks like you have a new idea for a fall project. Cozy nooks are essential in your home. Who doesn’t want to cozy up with a great new book and a fuzzy throw blanket? Create a rustic bookshelf and add custom bench seating. Find a stylish floor lamp to add some ambiance to your nook.

4. Rippled and Unsymmetrical Mirrors 

The traditional mirror doesn’t cut it anymore. This fall is all about adding unique mirrors to your home. Mirrors that feature ripples, curves, and playful details that will make your guests stop and stare.

5. Earth Tone Paint Colors

Earth tones are trending for fall. That includes Lush hues of green and soft blues. There’s no need to paint another room in your house gray. It’s all about soft color palettes and nature-inspired walls. To take it to the next level, plaster is a painting technique that will be trending all throughout autumn. See some of our favorite paint colors below.

Stay tuned for more fall-inspired content coming soon. A new season means a new wave of new products and essentials. It might be controversial, but I believe there is nothing better than new fall fashion. Go to Chirpyest‘s blog to see more inspiration here.