Remodelista Reconnaissance: The Ideal Ceramic Coffee Cups, Sans Handle

We’ve been poring over L’Heure Vide: A New Rural Retreat in the Cévennes since Nell first reported on it earlier this summer. One particular detail we keep returning to? The ceramics in the kitchen—and what just might be the ideal petite cup for coffee (or tea). We looked and looked for something similar to no avail, until we discovered the actual source…

The Sighting

the cups, spotted in a kitchen at l’heure vide, on the counter to t 9
Above: The cups, spotted in a kitchen at L’Heure Vide, on the counter to the left.

and another glimpse. 10
Above: And another glimpse.

The Source

some instagram sleuthing reveals that the ceramics are by kinta, curators of pr 11
Above: Some Instagram sleuthing reveals that the ceramics are by Kinta, curators of products from the Phillippines and Vietnam; the cups are their Rutunda Cups, handmade by an eighth-generation family ceramics company in Hanoi, Vietnam. Kinta only ships to the EU, but their products are widely available elsewhere online. The Small Rutunda Cups in Brown (pictured) are $22 for a set of two from London-based Couverture & The Garbstore.
and the small rutunda cups in white ( d) are $11.99 each from unik by nature 12
Above: And the Small Rutunda Cups in White (pictured) are $11.99 each from Unik by Nature, based in southwest France. The Medium Rutunda Cups in White are £13.95 from Maison Curate.

Mystery solved. We just might order our own pair.

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