A DIY Master Bedroom Makeover on a budget with Twinkle Khanna | Spacelift

“Vahan laundry ka hamper, yahan suitcases ka Taj Mahal… Aur bed pe gheela towel rehna toh, ghar ghar ki baat hai.” In this episode of Spacelift, Twinkle Khanna shows you how to turn your master bedroom into an oasis of peace, with plenty of budget-friendly tips for those living on rent. We also have a fantastic DIY idea to make your bed even more comfortable, and it won’t cost you more than Rs 3,500…

Produced and scripted by Rochelle Pinto
Set co-designed by Manjari Sharma
Shot by: Boomerang Productions
Edited by: Aman Agarwal

Get the straw cushion cover on the armchair at Chumbak: