Extreme Bedroom Makeover | diy headboard & diy room decor

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Link to my DIY sconce lights:

YOU GUYS!!! I’m so excited to share my bedroom makeover with you because this is literally the boho bedroom I’ve been dreaming of! This diy room makeover is filled with SO MANY diys, from a diy headboard, to diy lights, diy decor, diy pillows and even a diy dresser… I love how every single one of them turned out. And by the way, the headboard I made was inspired by one I saw on @helloimaubs’ instagram!

Doing so many DIYs in my bedroom is what takes my room decorating FOREVER to complete. Literally this took weeks of actively working on it. But in the end it’s been so worth it because I feel so happy seeing the items I created in the space that I spent too much time trying to figure out how to style 😉

I love you guys so much – thank you for spending your time watching my journey!

Cane Webbing:
Similar Wood Finish (which I pronounced wrong 2x in the video lol):
Headboard Mounting Brackets:

All directions/ products in the description of this video:

DIY wood dowel vase:
Chalk Paint:
Etsy Prints:
H&M Duvet Cover:
H&M Throw Blanket:
Pillow Fabric (in Tuscany, Mocha and Sahara Sand):
Ikea Nesna bedside table
Bed Frame (I got the deluxe but the standard is also nice):
Headboard Mounting Brackets:

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