Bianca’s South of Spain Travel Guide

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Another thing I learned is that my version of casual style does not equate to their version of casual. No matter what time of day or how high the temperature may get, those living in the south of Spain are always dressed to the nines. I learned the hard way walking to class in a t-shirt and running shorts, that nobody else seems to care for comfort over style. Making it obvious that I was an American, I would be in awe of those around me wearing jeans, maxi dresses, and hats in the 95-degree weather.

The style in Seville is a mix of European with a hint of North African. As the south of Spain is located close to North Africa, there is a lot of Moroccan inspiration in both the architecture and fashion. They love ruffles and textures, bold jewelry, and dresses – with floral and fun patterns.


Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains – Granada has beautiful Medieval architecture and landscape. But my personal favorite thing about this city is their tapas. Want three drinks? No problem because with each one comes to a free appetizer so you don’t even have to order a meal. It is one of the few places in Spain that serve free food with every drink you order!

Alhambra – Another palace located in the south of Spain that is heavily influenced by Islamic architecture. This large and beautiful complex is filled with colorful gardens. Walk to the top for great exercise and to witness beautiful views of Granda below.

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