Remodelista Reconnaissance: A Collapsible Drying Rack in a London Laundry Room

This week we featured A Masterful Mix-and-Match Apartment in London by designer of the moment Beata Heuman—and we couldn’t help but notice the laundry room equipped with an appealing accordion-style drying rack.

Where to source a similar one, you ask? Read on.

The Sighting

a particularly intriguing detail in the notting hill apartment’s br 9
Above: A particularly intriguing detail in the Notting Hill apartment’s bright, postage-stamp-sized utility room: a wall-mounted wooden laundry rack that folds, accordion-style, against the wall when not in use. Photograph by Simon Brown.

The Source

where to procure such a space saver? some digging reveals a few options: the ha 10
Above: Where to procure such a space-saver? Some digging reveals a few options: The Handmade Amish Maple Folding Drying Rack (shown) is $235 by Amish Handmade; alternatively, the Extending Clothes Dryer is $139.99 from Pulley Maid USA.

For more design details, sourced, see: