Paints & Palettes: Exuberant Color and Pattern from Bilboquet Deco in Paris

Favorite recent discovery; paints, wallpaper, and tiles from Bilboquet Deco in Paris. According to founder Dorothée Sartorius, “Bilboquet Deco is a selection of the most beautiful colors for an interior without fault of taste, in tune with the times and authentic. We offer fewer choices, so you have more confidence in your choice!”

It all started with a story of antique furniture that I was repainting, highlighting the colors and involving my Instagram community. Then one thing leading to another, my clients trusted me to help them rethink their interior and that’s when I saw both the difficulty of planning, choosing the color and at the same time the extreme customer satisfaction once the walls are painted.

The idea that I would like to convey is: to have an interior that resembles us in order to feel good there. I think we should listen to each other and have fun. The range of paint that I offer is short and can reassure those who want to dare to use color. The decorative risk-taking is almost nil because the colors have already been drastically selected. I think it’s nice to dare, to try. The idea is to have fewer choices for more confidence in your choice and less disappointment.

Here’s a look at their offerings:


bilboquet deco victoria strauss
Above: Graphics designed by Victoria Strauss.


bilboquet deeco crazy ueears wallpaper

bilboquet deco wallpaper like mother like daughter