10 Slanted Ceiling Bedroom Makeover Ideas

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10. Install Skylight and Windows
A bright and spacious room tops your list. Instead of using several lamps, add extra windows and skylights.

9. Implement Cohesive Colour
We love colours, we always do! With a right combination and proper putting, you get a huge difference. This one is not an exception.

8. Add a Reading Nook
Remember when I mentioned that an attic is a kind of secret room? Precisely! It is what you need when you read books: a peaceful and serene corner.

7. Add Pattern and Texture
A totally sophisticated cabin scene is in your hands. Previously, I use wood pattern for flooring; this time, Letโ€™s give it a broader role.

6. Invest in Multipurpose Furniture
We are more than happy when we find a multifunction stuff. Instead of piling some tools, you can merely use one thing.

5. Lighting Fixture to Create unique Ambiance
Would you like to revive your attic bedroom without spending big lump of money? Does a full renovation seem like too big? By chance, you donโ€™t need to take on a full gut job to put in some flair.

4. Keep Being Minimalist
Keep in mind that white and delicate-looking furnishings will make even the most slanted rooms seem bigger. Thin legs, intelligent shelving systems and a bed with a low headboard will create the illusion of an airy area.

3. Add Faux Canopy
The fact is, the space just beneath the ceiling is extremely versatile. You can use it to insert lots of colours and personalities.

2. DIY Pendant Light
In the past, the attic unique architectural lines made most people felt eeriness. Turn it easily by installing a dazzling pendant light.

1. Add Some Art
Up to that time, we gave you less striking colours. To finish the list, we decided to give you a livelier shade.

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