TODAY IS SMALL BATHROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL DAY AND I COULD CRY. This project was a labor of love and took way more time than we initially thought it would, but we are SO happy with how it turned out!

We have our DREAM shower in our first house thanks to American Standard and their amazing line of contemporary shower heads and hand showers. And, their Champion toilet will help us keep this bathroom running efficiently and clean for a long time to come!

Hope you all love this bathroom as much as we do!

This project is sponsored by my AMAZING friends at American Standard !

»»» M A T E R I A L S & T O O L S

You can find a full list of the products and materials I used for this project on my website:

» F E A T U R E D P R O D U C T S

Here are links to the American Standard products I used in this project!

Champion Toilet:
Studio S Rain Showerhead:
Contemporary Hand Shower Kit:
Studio S 2-Handle Diverter Trim Kit:
Studio S Faucet: Studio S 8 In.

» E Q U I P M E N T

Here’s a link to all of my filming, recording, and editing equipment:

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»»» O T H E R P R O J E C T S

DIY Bathroom Demo:
DIY Bathroom Floor TIling:

»»»» C H A P T E R S

00:00-00:58: Intro
00:59-1:50: Before
1:51-2:33: Bathroom Demo
2:34-3:07: Tiling & Painting
3:08-9:21: Shower Tile issues & Renovation Realities
9:22-10:18: Installing The Toilet
10:19-12:58: Installing The Vanity
12:59-13:43: SHOWER TILE REVEAL!
13:44-15:50: Dad’s Big Announcement!
15:51-18:15: Installing Shower Fixtures
18:16-20:00: Shower Door Installation
20:01-21:33: Finishing Touches
21:34-22:57: THE BIG REVEAL!

»»»» S O C I A L