Coco In France: 13 Parisian Dinnerware Inspired By My Dinner at Ralph’s

The restaurant is connected to the Ralph Lauren store. There are both indoor and outdoor seating. The decor is a nice balance of modern and vintage fabrics, materials, and furniture. I ate in the rustic courtyard. The tables had blue and white outdoor cushions. It’s a nice and calm place to have dinner despite it being in the center of the city.

The maitre d’ gave us the preferred table by Ralph Lauren. I thought that was a cool moment. Hopefully, next time I can have dinner with Ralph Lauren himself. It’s a great view of the whole outdoor patio. When you order drinks the waiter brings out a choice of caramelized popcorn or fried olives. The Menu is American, but with some hints of France like the chic Parisian dinnerware. It’s a nice place to go if you’re craving American food in Paris.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a peek at my evening in Paris. See some dinnerware inspiration below.