Cold Open SNL goes full bathroom humor with Depp-Heard trial feces in the bed allegation

Man what is wrong with white people’: SNL discovers missing surveillance footage of Johnny Depp’s staff finding ‘booboo’ left by Amber Heard in his bed
The sketch begins with Kate McKinnon poking fun at MSNBC viewers saying that they ‘have nowhere else to place their anger’
Depp, played by Kyle Mooney, accuses Amber Heard of making a ‘fecal delivery’ in his bed, recalling the actor’s real life words in the trial
Kenan Thompson plays the unfortunate security guard who makes the gruesome discovery that prompts co-star Ego Nwodim to utter: ‘What is wrong with white people’
The show was hosted by Selena Gomez, who did not feature in the sketch, with musical guest Post Malone

SNL claimed to have found footage of the infamous poop left in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s bed during the cold open sketch for Saturday’s show.

Depp, played by Kyle Mooney in the sketch, relayed his real-life allegation that his former wife left a ‘fecal delivery’ on his bed in Los Angeles.

When asked by his lawyer, played by Aidy Bryant, how he felt when discovering that someone had used his bed as a toilet, Depp replies: ‘I felt very sad.’

In the sketch, the courtroom viewed a video showing Kenan Thompson playing a security guard making the gruesome discovery. Thompson refers to the feces as a ‘dookie’ and ‘booboo.’

Thompson then calls in a another member of Depp’s staff played by Ego Nwodim and the pair debate who left the ‘dookie.’

Nwodim then exclaims: ‘Man, what is wrong with white people?’

They are also joined as members of the couple’s staff by Melissa Villasenor and Chris Redd.
The sketch kicked off with Kate McKinnon as MSNBC host Nicole Wallace listing of a number of perceived more important issues facing America other than the Depp/Heard trial.

McKinnon jokes about the tanking news network: ‘You are watching MSNBC because you have nowhere else to place your anger.’

When introducing coverage of the case, McKinnon refers to it as a ‘cuckoo trial.’

Playing Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft was Heidi Gardner, who echoed Heard’s real-life claims that the feces came from the couple’s dogs and argued that the video shouldn’t be shown.

Amber Heard was not featured in the sketch.

Judge Penny Azcarte, played by Cecily Strong, retorts: ‘That’s true, but I’ll allow it, because it does sound fun. And this trial is for fun!’

At another stage, the judge asks Depp if he is finding the trial amusing to which he replies, ‘A little, yes.’

The judge then says, ‘So am I. You’re bad Captain Jack’ as she pulls a glass of white wine from under her bench.

Strong continues: ‘I think I’ve seen enough. This trial has given me a lot to consider. On one hand, I believe Mr. Depp story. But on the other hand, your constant little smirk lets me know that. This is not the first woman you made so mad that she pooped in your bed.’

Mooney’s Depp smirks as he tells the judge: ‘I guess I have been known to be full nightmare.’

The episode was hosted by Selena Gomez, who did not appear in the Depp sketch, and featured musical guest Post Malone. The show’s season finale airs next week and will be hosted by Natasha Lyonne.

Depp and Heard’s defamation trial resumes on May 16 in Virginia.