Remodelista Reconnaissance: Appealing Switch-Plate Covers and Outlets in a Redone Kitchen

This week in Remodelista Reconnaissance, we’re tackling a reader’s Instagram query: Where to find elegant switch plates and outlets like those spotted in a photographer and a comedian’s remodeled kitchen?

In the end it was a fellow reader who sleuthed out the answer. Read on:

The Sighting

the brass toggle switches, spotted in the remodeled maplewood, new jersey, kitc 9
Above: The brass toggle switches, spotted in the remodeled Maplewood, New Jersey, kitchen of photographer Danielle St. Laurent and comedian Paul Dinello (who’s currently a writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert). Photograph by Danielle St. Laurent.

The Source

a reader uncovered the likely source: forbes & lomax, makers of &#822 10
Above: A reader uncovered the likely source: Forbes & Lomax, makers of “invisible” light switches that camouflage with the wall. Shown is their Aged Brass finish—available in toggle switches (shown), push buttons, outlets, and more—designed, we’d say, not to blend in but to make a rather sophisticated statement.

For more sources uncovered, see:

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