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Hi you guys its Brittany from the blog The Beauty Revival. Today I am going to share with you three different ways to style your shelves. Styling shelves can feel really intimidating, at least I was always intimidated by it, until I started using this method that is quick and simple and I promise the end result will be beautifully styled shelves every single time.
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My method for decorating shelves is all about the placement of the objects I use. I am going to style our shelves in three different ways with objects from around our house, but I will be using the same method of placement to show you how easy this is to apply in your own homes.

First thing I am going to do is style the top shelf placing decor from one end of the shelf to the other in varying heights. For the bottom shelf instead of spreading decor from one side to the other I am going to work in two groups. The goal is to have a stylized look too our shelves, instead of looking like we just have a bunch of objects thrown on there. We want it to look intentional, and the two groups on the bottom also helps give our eye somewhere to rest and looks more visually appealing.

When I am done I like to stand back and take a photo to help me see if anything more needs to be added or maybe something’s need to be removed.

On the second design I will show you how this method still works with a minimalist design style. I love to use neutral decor, lots of metallics, natural materials and green to bring life to my designs.

On the last shelf we are going to use the same method but go heavy on the decor. This is great for the boho design look.

My last tip is to incorporate lots of large scale items when decorating your shelves.Tall plants, big picture frames and large vases. Instead of just cluttering your shelves with a bunch of small items these large items help balance the look of your shelf.

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