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WELCOME to DESIGN SEED! There was a surge of requests for us to feature an episode dedicated to Kitchen Design, due to the immense demand from all of you, as promised todays episode let us bring you through our Top 10 Best Kitchen Design Compilation.

The Edge

The Vantage

High Altitude


Break of Dawn

Villa 14

The Ascent

There are plenty of details that could be incorporated in your kitchen, and in the market, there is also a large variety of materials that could be used to build a durable and functional kitchen, custom to your lifestyle.

This episode is a collaboration with Oppein, Oppein is a Kitchen & Wardrobe specialist with over 27 years of establishment. The company emphasizes on workmanship & has a large variety of finishes to choose from.

We are contemplating if the viewers would like to get into the details of the top kitchen tips and accessories that could potentially optimize the functionality of your dream kitchen.
Leave your comments below if you would like us to feature an episode dedicated to these kitchen tips!

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