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How To Turn A Rental Into A Warm And Inviting Home (+ Decorating Hacks)

No matter where we live, most of us want a home that is warm and inviting. However, living in a rental often comes with its own challenges, as there are limitations on what we can do to the space.

In this video, I wanted to go over a few principles to make your home warm and inviting, regardless if you rent or own the place.

Eight simple ways to make your home warm and inviting:
1. Lighting
2. Bring In Natural Elements (Plants)
3. Use Natural Materials
4. Add Texture
5. Hang Artwork & Mirror
6. Avoid Clutter
7. Fragrance & Scent
8. Fill With Music

Music by Chillhop:
Aarigod – Kinsfolk
Aarigod – Golden
Aarigod – Ambleside
Aarigod – Momentary Loss
Aarigod – Coda

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