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Everybody loves a house that is inviting, elegant, and speaks the language of love! Every station we go to (owing to my husband’s transferrable job), I make it a point to create a living room or a drawing-room space that reflects our personality with the right amount of style! Watch my latest video from the #IndianHomeStyling edition that features my living room in all its plant glory and our collectibles!

Here are some quick tips to use while decorating a living room:-

1. Use REAL Plants, plants, and more plants. Nurture them, propagate them so that you don’t have to keep buying new ones all the time.

2. Change the sofa cushion setting, add a throw (use a cotton or silk dupatta) to add a definition to the furniture.

3. Decorate floating shelf using personalized elements in a complementary tone as your collectibles.

4. Keep wall clean, I mean it. Don’t overdo your paintings or frames.

5. Maintain a color scheme (if you can) but don’t be afraid to play with brighter hues.

6. Use the rule of 3 for corner spaces if you are ever confused!

7. Lights add warmth and depth to space, use lamps, led lights, string lights as much!

8. Living room makeover should not cost you a bomb, so stick to pieces that are significant and do away with really small items that add no character to space.

9. Give attention to your center table decor, its the first impression!

10. Get inspiration from my #IndianHomeStyling Youtube videos and watch my playlist here 😛 —–


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