Dining Room

♡ ☕aesthetic dining room makeover | moving diaries ep. 3 | bloxburg roleplay ♡

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🎧 music
Oneul – Jellybean – https://youtu.be/zuHFFHSAJMo
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Danmoo – Find me – https://youtu.be/TaVLl_elGtE
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🖥️ faq
what do you edit with? – capcut
what do you film with? – xbox gamebar
how do you film yourself moving? – use two accounts when filming
can i be featured in a video? – all opportunities posted on my community tab! its first come first serve

☁️ inspo and credits
-city inspo – @Lanarie
-apartment inspo – @fernandaraamirez
-ikea layout help – @araloura
-ikea decals – ikeabloxburg on tt
thank you to @dragonhonk for being my actor!
thank you to you guys for being background characters in the ikea!
inspired by – fernanda ramirez, dreamsushi, shin, annika’s leaf, sp_rklz, and faireix

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