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Today’s episode on Design Seeds we will be sharing the Top 5 tips to make your home look luxurious!Designing a luxury home requires a keen eye for detail and a focus on maximizing the use of space while maintaining an elegant aesthetic.

Todays episode on Design Seed, we will be featuring a mid high rise luxury living serviced residence at a strategic and mature neighbourhood in Taman Desa. An alternative choice for those who enjoy uncluttered living and natural beauty and yet being close to the city.

The development is built inspired by Modern Minimalist Zen Design, which allows the owners to reimagine the Zen within the tropics of Malaysia.

Todays main agenda on sharing with you how to make your apartment look luxurious!
Here are some top tips to consider:


0:00 – Intro
2:08 – Tip number 1 – Emphasize on lighting
2:42 – Tip number 2 – Choose your color scheme wisely
4:06 – Tip number 3 – Create visual interest
6:02 – Tip Number 4 – Use larger mirrors
6:42 – Tip Number 5 – Personalize your space
8:15 – Outro


We hope you gained some knowledge on how to style your apartment into making it look luxurious and tips to counter the commonly made mistakes in renovating your home.

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Kensho Residence:

Kensho Residence comes with 4 different layouts ranging from 700 – 1000sf, a low density mid high rise luxury living serviced residence that is strategically located at Taman Desa close to the city yet nestled among nature.

Unlike most high rise residences, Kensho residence comes with flexible layouts with potential of turning a regular apartment into a spacious luxurious space.

Build in with kitchen cabinets and appliances and my personal favourite, floorings that sets them apart from the usual, naturally making the interior spaces feel stylish and elegant.

Kensho Residence:






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