Bedroom Makeover 🪴🖼️ *pinterest inspired* Studio Ghibli, living inside a monet painting vibes

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Hello friends!
Since moving to our new place, it has been highly requested to film a room makeover/decorating video so at long last, here it is! I really hope you enjoy it. I was going for “living inside a Monet painting but with also feeling like a cozy Studio Ghibli cottage.” Without being able to put any wallpaper up, paint or put any holes in the wall, I think it turned out so well!
After 25+ hours of editing I’m off to bed but I really hope you enjoy the video 🥰

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Monet tote bag
Tulip lamp
Cat lamp
Cozy puzzle

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► Music:
Always with me [Violin Cover] by Julien Ando
Embark Towards Life – A Ghibli inspired composition by DaepaloyWorks (bedding)
Embraced In Softness / Piano : Makiko Hirohashi

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