9 Different Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Photo by Covet Noir

1. Invest in High-Quality Materials

If you want to take your home to the next level, prioritize investing in high-quality materials. That doesn’t mean that the materials need to be expensive. They just have to give the appearance. Professional interior designers use materials such as marble, granite, and oak wood. It adds a sense of luxury to any space. Investing in these specific materials for countertops, custom shelving, and hardwood flooring has made a home look and feel more luxurious.

2. Mirrors

Accessorizing a home with mirrors is one of the best ways to create the appearance of luxury. Mirrors are perfect for helping bounce around natural light. It helps open up a space and makes it feel bigger. There are so many different styles to choose from elegant, modern, rustic, and eccentric. You can go for the dramatics by covering an entire wall or create a fabulous gallery wall that features vintage mirrors for a unique and glamorous design.

3. Luxurious Lighting

Interior design details such as lighting can help improve the appearance of your home. Ligh enhancements in different spaces can completely transform a room. Discovering unique light fixtures that complement your home design will make your home more functional and visually appealing. Swap old and outdated kitchen ceiling lights with a beautiful new pendant light or chandelier. A new light will add dimension and depth to a kitchen (or any room). Interior designers recommend dimmer switches to add layered lighting if you want to create a cozy ambiance.

4. Paint Colors For Home

A fresh coat of paint instantly elevates the value of your room! Discovering the right palette can make your home look more valuable without breaking the bank. Color trends shift over time, so altering your paint color will help bring your property up to date for a more contemporary look. Paint your walls a light and airy neutral paint color. It will make a space appear brighter and more expensive. Any light and airy neutral shade like a crisp white, warm beige, or an off-white color like ivory is a go-to for interior design. Rich and sophisticated hues like moody blues, dark brown, and even black can make a statement.

5. High-Quality Furniture

You don’t need to drop $5,000 on a luxe sofa to make your home look more expensive. When buying furniture, natural materials should be used whenever possible. Choose actual marble over laminate because it’s more durable and looks more elevated. Or thrift wood furniture to add some historic charm. Other great materials include crystal, leather, and antique brass furniture will always give a timeless “wow” factor. When you combine those materials (TASTEFULLY), you get the impression that your home is opulent and expensive.

6. New Hardware

It’s remarkable how simple cabinets with interesting knobs can add a significant wow effect. Especially, if you have a kitchen or bathroom that needs some TLC. You can even make a simple dresser more attractive by adding some luxurious gold drawer knobs. Alternatively, replace your doorknobs around the house with ones that have a modern look. Little items like knobs and pulls can make a huge difference!

7. Timeless Home Decor

Home decor is a powerful way to redesign a home. The neutral home decor adds sophistication when your budget is limited. Interior designers accessorize a room with neutral drapes, furniture, and area rugs. Then, let your home design elements sparkle with splashes of color and seasonal trends. It’s an easy way to personalize your room without having to completely renovate your home from scratch. Discover the best retailers to buy home decor.

8. Luxe Bedding

A simple way to make your home look expensive is by swapping out your bedding. Take a look at your bedding. Do you think it’s time for something new or more luxurious? The classic all-white bedding will transform your bedroom into your very own 5-star hotel. A beautiful white set gives your room a crisp feel. By utilizing white sheets and duvets in your bedrooms, you may replicate the luxury hotel experience at home. Who doesn’t love an easy bedroom makeover? Below are my favorite splurge bedding and my favorite budget-friendly linens.

9. Wall Treatments & Details

Bare walls aren’t doing you any favors! Unless you’re a minimalist. Try adding architectural interest to your walls, including crown moldings can make a tremendous change to the room. A simple addition of a shiplap, beadboard, or a wood slat wall can transform a space from dull to dimensional and intriguing. Venitian plaster is also a unique wall detail that gives your room some much-needed texture.

If you don’t want to incorporate architectural appeal, you might simply use elegant wallpaper. Unique patterned walls can definitely create an upscale vibe. A beautiful wallpaper design can give your living room or bedroom an easy makeover.