Off White Kitchen Cabinets with a Luxurious Twist – Kitchen Breakdown

A closer view of the kitchen details including a marble backsplash and custom range hood. Max Burkhalter

Timeless Paint Color

When it comes to designing a kitchen it’s important to select the right paint colors. The off white kitchen cabinets are always a fantastic choice. It’s a versatile paint color that can complement all types of kitchen styles including modern, traditional, contemporary, farmhouse and more. Off white is a timeless color that can help bring some life back into the space. Feldman’s kitchen design is built around a beautiful wall-to-ceiling. The paint color she chose helps reflect and bounce light around the room. It feels bright and airy without having to use a stark white paint color.

Luxurious Hardware Finishes

If you’re looking to elevate your kitchen to the next level then go with chic hardware. Feldman used gold cabinet pulls and handles. And every fixture is gold: faucet, pot rack, and pot filler. It gives the cozy kitchen a luxurious twist. Accessorizing with gold can take a kitchen from dull to beautiful.

The cozy breakfast nook. The pendant light is from Chairish. Max Burkhalter

Cozy Breakfast Nook

You all should know by now how much I love a breakfast nook. It’s one of my design goals. I would love to design a breakfast nook from scratch. Feldman went with a neutral color palette. A space with all warm earthy tones creates a serene environment. Perfect for eating breakfast in the morning. A unique twist is the retro pattern fabric on the benches. Gives the small space some flare without being too overwhelming. The custom dinging booth is made of white oak which elevates the 70’s vibe while maintaining the light and airy look of the kitchen design.

Max Burkhalter

Matte Black And White Tile Floors

As I said earlier, the first thing I noticed was the matte black-and-white floor tiles. It’s a classic look that makes a huge impact. The contrast of colors adds drama and enhances the off-white color of the cabinets. The floor also pulls from the large floor-to-ceiling windows.

Max Burkhalter

Cream Off White Cabinets

Homeowners have been using off-white colors since the 1930s. It’s best to choose a neutral-tone white color since it will complement both warm and cool-tone kitchens. Warm tones are better for traditional-style homes because it gives a historic feel to a space. While cool tones are a go-to for modern kitchen designs. If you’re looking for a paint color that adds an intimate vibe to your room then an off white paint color is the right choice.

About The Kitchen Project

Zoe Feldman helped redesign this townhouse in DC. It was built in the late 1800s. Feldman gutted the townhouse but wanted the renovation to honor the historic design elements. She was able to make a new renovation still feel homey and warm for her clients. Learn more about the townhouse here.

I hope this kitchen design helps inspire you. Tell me what you love in the comments. The floors? The Light fixtures? The marble countertops? Let me know below.