11 Ways You Can Design Your Guest Bathroom

2. Timeless Neutral Contrast Powder Room

A timeless bathroom consists of clean lines, neutral color palettes, and natural materials. The most common materials used are natural stones like marble, ceramic, and porcelain. This bathroom style focuses on functionality and ergonomic design.

What’s the Difference Between Powder Room & Regular Bathroom?

A powder room is a smaller bathroom space without a shower or bathtub. It has fewer amenities, which is why it also has the nickname “half-bath.” It is usually a space near the living room area for guests. A powder room is a safe space for guests to take breaks and freshen up during dinner parties and other social gatherings at the home.

3. Traditional Powder Room with a Modern Twist

A traditional powder room is the most common. Give it a modern twist with bronze sconces and a dark vanity for some contrast.

4. All-Black Bathroom

For those who aren’t afraid of a darker color scheme. Go for an all-black guest bathroom to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

5. Pretty & Pink

Guests don’t always expect a pink bathroom. Cover your bathroom walls in serene pink hues made of ceramic tiles or stone. Contrast the pink design with a modern vanity.

6. Bathroom With Texture & Sophistication

Creating a sophisticated guest bathroom requires a balance of natural elements and rich color schemes. A vanity with exposed piping gives an industrial look that ties the whole space together.

7. Florals for the Powder Room…Groundbreaking!

If you’re not afraid of a little drama, then decorate your guest bathroom with large floral motifs. It’s a unique technique to create dimension in a tiny room. You can even create an accent wall behind the vanity if you prefer a minimal style.

8. Deep Blue Bathroom

One of the most popular color choices for a guest bathroom is blue. The guest room above features a deep and rich shade that works for both modern and traditional-style bathrooms. A similar color is Van Deusen Blue by Benjamine Moore.

9. Feminine Hues Only

Blush tones are trending for 2023. A powder bathroom is a great space to incorporate the feminine hue into your home. It’s the chic color that will elevate a tiny space. Add gold accents to add a luxurious twist.

10. Moody And Earthy Colors

Earthy color schemes can transform a small guest bathroom into a luxe powder room. Incorporate raw materials and a unique marble vanity to create some drama. Add your own personal style by styling a vintage mirror over the vanity and art pieces.

11. Accent Flooring

Let the floor do all of the talking. Choose a rich solid color for the walls and add unique tile to add that “wow” factor! Use the vanity design to pull colors from the tile to create a cohesive design.

I know most of these images are just powder rooms, but I think they’re great inspirations for bathroom remodels as well. One of my main concerns while designing the guest bathroom at the COCOCOZY Design House was that I wanted the space to be timeless. I focused on classic elements that aren’t too trendy. A lot of people can get drawn to trending design styles that will age out in five years. This can become an issue later on when you want to sell your home. That’s why I went with a neutral color palette for my bathroom remodels. Let me know which guest room design is your favorite!