Shop Terrain – 17 Spring Home Decor: Furniture, Terrariums, & More

Outdoor Furniture

March and April are the most popular times of the year to start shopping for outdoor furniture. Updating your home with new furniture pieces can help you transition into the season. Furniture is an easy styling trick to liven up your space! You can create a playful patio with colorful sofas and tables. Or design a serene neutral space with white cabana chairs. Below are some of our favorite outdoor furniture pieces. It includes outdoor loveseats, a fun hanging chair, and a chic end table that will elevate every outdoor space.

Spring Kitchen Accessories & Serveware

Spring has sprung in the kitchen too, not just outside! We love these kitchen finds from Terrain to spruce up your kitchen and add a few spring-inspired accessories. That includes colorful glassware and bright-colored bowls. These vibrant kitchen additions will make every day feel like spring, rain, or shine!

Glass Terrariums

A unique way to bring the outdoors indoors is with terrariums. A terrarium is a mini garden inside small glass containers, vases, and/or cloches. Think of it like a functional ecosystem that you can design, but down-sized. Terrain offers beautiful and chic glass containers that are perfect to create your own terrarium. They’re great centerpieces for dinner parties and they’re great conversation starters! Shop my starter kit…

Spring Accents

Spring is the time of year to bring out bold patterns and natural materials. Trending outdoor furniture includes rattan and wicker materials. This season is a good time to introduce new styles to your outdoor experience. That includes playful accents like ladybug mugs and botanical printed throw pillows. My favorite things about the spring season are how different designers introduce spring into their projects. Some like to be super festive and play with colors and spring-themed designs. Others like to take a more minimal approach by introducing textured decor pieces that have muted floral details.

How is Terrain Different Than Anthropologie?

Terrain is Anthropologie’s sister company. The difference is that Terrain is a home and garden brand with a locally influenced point of view. Although there are hints of Anthropologie’s aesthetic throughout the brand, Terrain offers a variety of outdoor furniture, home decor, and creative living experiences for those who love all things nature! Think of it like Anthropologie’s hippie twin sister! Someone who loves the outdoors, but wants their outdoor space to reflect their stylish and playful style.

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