The Brass Tacks: Sinkside Soap Holders, High/Low Edition

Welcome to our new column, The Brass Tacks, in which we highlight the tiniest but mightiest details in the house: good-looking hardware, hinges, and fixtures.

When it comes to the kitchen sink, we’re all about keeping the surrounding area as clear as possible for ease of use (and ease of cleaning). To give hand and dish soap a permanent place, consider borrowing an idea from the hotel bath and installing a wall-mounted holder specifically designed for the job.

Here are three soap holders we like.


the double soap bottle holder from buster + punch is ideal for holding hand soa 9
Above: The Double Soap Bottle Holder from Buster + Punch is ideal for holding hand soap and dish soap together. It’s shown here in gunmetal; $122 from Buster + Punch.

it’s also available as a single soap holder; $96 for the steel fin 10
Above: It’s also available as a Single Soap Holder; $96 for the steel finish. (Other finishes include brass and welders black.)


the minimalist wall mounted soap dispenser holder bracket is $97.66 for the do 11
Above: The Minimalist Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser Holder Bracket is $97.66 for the double holder in gold from the Etsy seller Wideas. It’s also available in single and triple sizes and copper and black finishes. (You can see the black double holder in situ at the top of this post.)


the meraki wall mounted bracket soap holder in brushed silver is $50 from burk 12
Above: The Meraki Wall-Mounted Bracket Soap Holder in brushed silver is $50 from Burke Decor. (It’s also available in black and brass.)

For more sink-side inspiration, see:

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