5 Things I Learned From Kelly Wearstler on Masterclass

1. Why is Interior Design Important?

The power of good design helps us feel better. It puts us in a better mood. It doesn’t matter how big or small the design project is. The power of a beautifully crafted design will make an impact. Our home is a reflection of who we are. So why not create something that is beautiful and makes us happy? Kelly describes adding fresh flowers to a room can help brighten our day.

“Everything is an experience and you should make it the best your can at home.”  – Kelly Weasrtler 

2. How To Find Your Interior Design Style

Prioritize knowing what you like and don’t like. Interior designers should take the time to educate their eye and expose themselves to new inspirations. One exercise she recommends is going to a library and picking 5 random design books. Learn about new designers and how they found their inspiration. It will help you discover something new. When Kelly was asked to create a product line for Bergdorf Goodman she used her stone collections as inspiration. She studied the raw minerals’ shapes, colors, and textures, which helped her develop her own unique design style. Her advice for those who are just starting out is to start collecting things that inspire emotion. Over time, you will create a design story that will evolve your interior design style without even realizing it.

Photography by The Ingalls / Kelly Wearstler

3. Embrace The Design Journey

There will always be project delays and mistakes, but it’s important to roll with them and understand that they’re part of the process. It’s better to make peace with that fact so that when it comes up you are already prepared to move forward. Kelly emphasizes the importance of letting design stories guide decisions by using reference images, fabrics, or other inspiration.

4. Picking Materials For A Space

Deciding on materials can be an overwhelming process. There are so many styles and so many materials to choose from. She suggests placing samples on the floor or against a wall to understand scale, and using computer renderings to swap materials in and out easily. This process saves so much time going back and forth with samples. It’s important to touch and feel the chosen materials, and not be afraid to take risks. Even if the material doesn’t work in one scenario, it could work in another. Interior design is a constant problem-solving cycle until the very end of the project.

Kelly loves a good design challenge. One of her favorite tricks for making a space feel larger is using mirrors on furniture, ceilings, walls, and anywhere else she can think of that will enhance the room. Mirrors help bounce around natural light and can make a boring room feel more glamorous and upscale.

Photography by The Ingalls / Kelly Wearstler

5. Create an Experience with Art

My favorite quote from Kelly Wearstler’s Masterclass is “Let Curiosity Guide You.” Ask yourself what you’re passionate about. Let your passion drive your inspiration when it comes to choosing art and decor for interior design projects. Once you have your art preference then it’s time to focus on scale and balance. Art is the best accent for negative space. Kelly uses art as a technique to bring in something new (modern art) or something old (vintage art). Depending on the furniture and decor she chooses, she likes to use art as a way to diversify a home.

Coco’s Takeaways

What I love about Kelly Wearstler’s design aesthetic is that she can find inspiration in something as small as a bracelet. One of her most famous designs, the San Francisco Proper Hotel, was inspired by a vintage dress. One of my takeaways from watching her Masterclass is to be more observant of my surroundings. Anything and everything can inspire you!