Guide to Maximizing Cash Back as an Interior Designer

Evaluate Where You Shop the Most

It’s important to keep track of where you shop for furniture. Depending on style preference, interior designers have go-to brands that they use for clients. Some include high-end retailers and vintage thrift stores. Understanding where you shop the most will help you anticipate cash back opportunities.

What makes Chirpyest different? Since I’m an interior design blogger, I handpicked all affiliated 850 brands for the platform. That includes luxury home retailers like Lulu & Georgia, Soho Home, Arhaus, School House, and more. I negotiated higher cash back percentages to ensure my members will be earning the best cash back rewards. See the full brands list here.

Stack It with Credit Cards & Trade Programs

One of the best strategies to earn even more cash back is by making your purchases with a credit card that has cash back rewards AND using Chirpyest. By using an eligible credit card and activating Chirpyest at checkout, will almost double your cash back rewards. Chirpyest is not affected by credit cards during checkout, so that means if you already receive rewards through your card then Chirpyest is an added bonus! Many interior designers have been using both tactics to save up to 15% cash back at check out while shopping for clients. It’s a super easy way to save money!

Another tactic is interior designers using their trade program discounts with Chirpyest. A trade program is when a brand will partner with an interior designer and offers them benefits including discounts and free swatches. Chirpyest members have the ability to use both the trade discount and the cash back discount. As long as the member checks out on the affiliate partners’ site, then Chirpyest’s cash back will be activated.

Share to Earn More Cash Back

What sets Chirpyest apart from other cash back platforms is the ability to share recommendations with others. Chirpyest offers sharing tools that include create a share link (affiliate links) and shopping boards. Interior designers can now make affiliate links for free to share with clients and followers. When someone shops the link then the interior design will earn cash back. And interior designers can make free online storefronts to optimize their past, present, and future projects. Highlight the items featured in design projects and share the board with others to shop.

Interior designers love the folders feature on the shopping boards to pick out items for specific clients. They can make the shopping board public or private so only their client will have access to their shopping board when they share the link.

Prot Tip: Did you know that when you create an affiliate link on Chirpyest and someone shops the link you will make cash back on their entire cart total, not just the item you shared.?

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