Dining Room

Dining Room WALLPAPER is Done! | Manor & Maker

It’s been an epic week of painting, wallpapering, and getting some heating sorted!

Manor & Maker theme music by Jamie Christopherson and Jeff MacDonald for Louder Productions.

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Sara, an IT professional & Stephen a graphic designer and artist are world-traveling Canadians who dreamt of moving to Europe, and France in particular. In 2020 they were working from home when Stephen turned to Sara and popped the question she was longing to hear, “What would have to be true for us to buy a chateau in France?” They searched online for months viewing hundreds of properties. They narrowed their search and toured some properties when they happened upon the one that captured our hearts, Château de Saint-Germain-des-Prés. A year later they made the move to France to start their new adventure in our beautiful Château. They created “Manor and Maker” to reflect the two sides of their adventure. One, to live as chateau owners with all the ups and downs and two, to pursue their passions as makers, creating art in all its forms. They will invite others to come together, united by their passions, to share in this adventure. We invite you to join us too, as we bring our dreams to life. Welcome to Manor & Maker.