Cliff Hanger Holiday: Vipp-Furnished Tiny Vacation Cabins on a Fjord in Norway

A reason to resurrect the original meaning of “awesome.” The Bolder Sky Lodges are a cluster of six architect-designed hideouts balanced on a precipice overlooking the Lysefjorden, one of Norway’s most astonishing fjords. Each cabin is an off-grid, secluded perch, a celebration of Scandinavian clean and cozy design—Vipp supplied most of the furnishings—and an ode to the views: the surrounding cliffs, sea, and pines are front and center wherever you happen to be lounging.

Here, we’re featuring Sky Lodges, the first two cabins to be built and our favorites of the group. Owner Tom Norland’s aim was “to blur the border between inside and out, and convey the feeling of floating in nature.” Turn away if you’re afraid of heights.

Photography by Anne Bråtvit courtesy of Vipp and The Bolder.

architect john birger grytdal of norgeshus designed the star lodge hideouts as  9
Above: Architect John Birger Grytdal of Norgeshus designed the Star Lodge hideouts as cedar-clad two-story cubes that rest lightly on the landscape: “to minimize the impact on nature, the cabins are each set on a load-bearing steel column firmly anchored in the rock.” When there’s a strong wind, the structures are built to gently sway.

the cabins deliver front row views of the fjord. “the cubes are intentio 10
Above: The cabins deliver front row views of the fjord. “The cubes are intentionally placed on the edge of the sloping mountain,” says  Grytdal. “It’s like standing in a glass elevator with the familiar sinking feeling.”

Oslo furniture store Element Studio designed the interiors with an emphasis on Vipp, the Danish line celebrated for its modular steel kitchens and growing collection of household basics. The cabins are a mere 22 square meters (approximately 236 square feet), including the two bedrooms and bath upstairs. The walls and ceiling are paneled in smoked oak and the floor is polished concrete.