打WHAT WAS I THINKING?! MESSY TO MINIMAL Extreme Kitchen Declutter 2023 + reacting to my FIRST VIDEO!

WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Messy To Minimal Extreme Kitchen Declutter + reacting to my FIRST VIDEO!

OOOOOOOOKAY! It’s time to declutter my kitchen for the new year! Today, I’m getting some inspiration and motivation from ME! That’s right I’m going back 3 years to my very first Messy To Minimal episode and reacting to that video.

If you are new here, hey! I am Natalie follower of Jesus, wife to my childhood best friend, and homeschool mama to three.

Im also the *ORIGINAL* creator of MESSY TO MINIMAL a widely-popular extreme decluttering and home organization series that I started in 2020. In the course of about a year, my husband and I worked to simplify our home and lifestyle. With our first pass through our home we got rid of over 80% of our possessions. Nowadays, were not keeping track of the number, because decluttering is more of a maintenance task to invest into the health and simplicity of our home and family life moving forward!

I continue to share this series as a way to completely DEMOLISH the idea that decluttering is a one and done activity (especially in a home with young children!) I am here to give you non-judgmental encouragement and some gentle motivation for your own decluttering and simple-living journey!嚙

If youre just tuning in to this series or would like a refresher heres that full playlist:

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