Dining Room

Victorian Dining Room Renovation Before & After – Restoring Our Victorian, Pearl E.14

We know your favorite old house renovation videos are Before and Afters, so here’s one more for you! We’ve worked our fingers to the bone (literally) scraping, priming, painting, stripping, building, polishing, papering and staining to make this one dingy dining room come to life!

What were the hardest parts of this extreme makeover you ask? Well…let’s see… Was it choosing the right wallpaper to make mismatched original Victorian tile and art nouveau chandelier match? Maybe. Was it dealing with 110 years of painted and re-painted and re-re-painted woodwork? Maybe. Was it restoring original wavy glass windows back to their original splendor? Possibly. All in all we had to touch every single surface in the space, with the goal of making the room look like we’d never been there. Sounds easy, right?

At the end of this monumental project we feel like we achieved what we set out to do. Wallpaper reminiscent of a time gone by, but still perfectly modern. Clean, crisp, bright space but with the perfect touches of warm wood tones and period hardware. An amazing pocket door whose hardware once again shines, and a transom window that lets the natural light flood into the room. And of course, the pièce de résistance, the golden oak mantel, featuring glorious tiger oak cut wood, once again coated in shellac and glowing warm.

This Victorian dining room reno was hard, and in many ways hard in ways that it shouldn’t have been. It’s admittedly frustrating when you have to spend so much time correcting decades worth of mistakes. But when the project is over and you can stand back and see in a room looking the way it was meant to-the way that the original residents would feel a home in- it all becomes worth it!


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