4 Passive Income Ideas for Interior Designers

1. Affiliate Marketing 

Most interior designers are active online. Regardless of the social platform or website, designers can now monetize their projects by joining an individual brand’s affiliate program or joining a social commerce platform like Chirpyest. Designers can create affiliate links that allow them to earn a commission when a client or follower makes a purchase. They can even track and analyze what clients are shopping by studying which link is getting the most clicks and converts the most sales. Studies show that it can take posting the same item 7 times before it converts to a sale. Interior designers can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars every month by linking high-ticket items including furniture, appliances, and art.

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2. Digital Products & E-Books

Write and design an interior design ebook. Highlight favorite projects and featured items. Educate clients and followers about decorating different rooms and the do’s and don’t of renovating. Every holiday can lead to a new book idea that will help people get inspired. Ebooks are easy to design thanks to online creative tools like Canva.

3. Optimizing Consultations 

Enhance the way you consult clients. Add digital downloads to your business site and social media platforms. Interior designers can offer online courses, pre-recorded tips, mood boards, and digital downloads that can only be accessed through payment. Consultations can lead to new opportunities with clients. If a client doesn’t have the budget to work with you then recommend your digital course, mood boards, and/or other custom assets for less. Adding digital downloads to a business site can create a bonus stream of income.

4. E-Commerce shop

One of the most popular ways to earn passive income is through an e-commerce shop. Interior designers can add a shop page that features their own products and recommended items from top retailers. Design a shop through a service like Shopify or create an affiliate store with Chirpyest. Promote gift guides during the holidays that feature festive items. And break down your projects and highlight used items so clients can shop the room. Start creating your own Chirpyest shopping board now to get started and start earning.

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