aesthetic and extremely (!!!) small room makeover 🍃 • a 4sqm bedroom with loft bed + desk decor

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Hello everyone!!! can’t believe I’d get this much support from my first video!🥺Thank you so so so much!❤️

Listing down a few FAQs below:
• Not an architect or an interior designer! just really love designing spaces 🌱
• I used Sketchup for the 3D planning 📐
• I used Adobe Premiere to edit this video.✨
• I shot the videos using Iphone X and Fujifilm XT20. 🤳📷
• Why is my room small… hmm it has always been that wayyy but I really appreciate it because the space feels so cozy and less space means lesser costs!🤙🏼
• My loft bed was customized a few years back. So sorry if it isn’t available in the market but you can show mine as peg!
• Desk Decor Haul –
• Dried Flowers Haul –

Here are time stamps for easy viewing!
00:00 Intro
00:23 Before
00:57 Planning & 3D Design
1:50 Shopping
5:23 Renovation
11:17 Unboxing
14:14 Decor
20:19 The Reveal

Comment down below if you want a tutorial on how to create a 3D of your room or how to edit aesthetic videos! If you’re into room decor and makeovers, make sure to subscribe for more!✨ Thanks again for dropping byyyy💖



Almost a year through this pandemic and I’m still stuck at home everyday. I wanted to have an outlet for my ~unreleased~ passion to create anything, just really anything (out of work, of course!). So I decided to create a channel to share snippets of my slow productive weekends and weekdays (if I’m not super busy!)

Starting off this channel with this this extreme small room makeover. It took a while to finish but I’m really happy with the outcome. Hope this video will ✨inspire✨ you to design your own space.

Thank you for dropping by. ☺ ☺ ☺


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