26+ GENIUS COMMAND HOOK HACKS | Uses for organization, home decor, tech & more!

If you’ve seen more than a few of my videos you’ve probably seen me use Command Hooks and Command Strips because the truth is, I use them FOR A LOT OF THINGS. I have found SO MANY FREAKING USES for Command strips and hooks I can’t even tell you. In this video, I’m sharing with you a bunch of my favorite Command Hook Hacks, ranging from ways to use them in the kitchen, to using command hooks for organizing, to home decor, to mom hacks, and even using command hooks with your tech.

-Make sure to look at the weight suggestions. Some hooks are designed for higher or lower weight limits so pick the one right for you.
-Read the instructions. Typically you need to press it in place for 30 seconds and then not hang anything on it for 30-60 minutes to let it set into place.

Command Wire Hooks: https://bit.ly/30UA2UK
Command Utility Hooks: https://bit.ly/3nD7pp5
Command Wire Bundlers: https://bit.ly/33O1qWC
Command Wire Hooks: https://bit.ly/34PUOWO
Command Mini Shelves: https://bit.ly/3nInJoG
Command Metal Brushed Hooks: https://bit.ly/30X31Yb


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