Beauty and the Reusable Bag: Mesh Produce Sacks and More from Caya of Japan

If you haven’t started bringing your own reusable produce bags to the market, let these fetching examples provide the necessary nudge. They’re part of the Caya Collection, a line of home goods made of kaya, the all-cotton mesh traditionally made in Nara, Japan as mosquito netting. “As the use of these nets fell out of favor, kaya found new life, thanks to the fact that it’s lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly,” explains Japanese import company Rikumo of Philadelphia, which just began carrying the line.

In addition to food sacks, Caya also offers furoshiki-style totes and oven mitts, all from the same cotton mesh in the colors of tropical fruit. Look no further for a useful summer host or hostess present.

caya mesh produce bags from japan via rikumo. 9
Above: Caya Mesh Produce Bags come in three sizes, priced at $7, $10, and $15, from Rikumo.

Above: The bags are made in five colors, including silver (L) and tan, burgundy, and Yamabuki yellow (R). Not shown: navy. They get softer and more supple with use.

the caya two tone miyuki bag is a stitched version of a furoshiki: see zero was 12
Above: The Caya Two-Tone Miyuki Bag is a stitched version of a furoshiki: see Zero-Waste Wrapping, How to Make a Furoshiki Cloth, Step by Step.
caya two tone miyuki bags are $13 for the small size (shown) and $16 for th 13
Above: Caya Two-Tone Miyuki Bags are $13 for the small size (shown) and $16 for the large.

Above L: The reusable bags make a great gift-wrap alternative. They come in burgundy (shown), navy, and Yamabuki yellow (named after a neon-colored koi). Above R: The pointed ends tie to make a tidy satchel, chopsticks optional.

caya’s oven mitts, $26, are a rarity these days: they&#8217 16
Above: Caya’s Oven Mitts, $26, are a rarity these days: they’re sized for small hands.
part of the appeal of caya’s oven mitts are their patterned loops f 17
Above: Part of the appeal of Caya’s Oven Mitts are their patterned loops for easy hanging. Semi-circular Caya Pot Holders, $10, are also available.

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