The Essentials: 15 Summer Items for Backyard Fun

The pool floats were a big hit with everyone. My friend has a gorgeous pool and she mentioned a few weeks ago that she needed to buy a few new ones since the kids broke theirs last year. So I had the team find some cute and comfortable pool floats from Walmart. They have so many fun colors and different styles. I wanted to get floats that have cupholders for drinks. There’s nothing better than floating around your pool with your favorite drink.

My team ran into Walmart to look for lawn games and Jordyn (my social media manager) ended up browsing in their dresses section. She noticed Sofia Vergara has a new line of dresses and thought they were so stylish and super affordable.  I loved the blue-green Floral (my favorite colors) and the white version too. So classic and beautiful for the warmer season.

Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post. It’s a great place to shop and save this summer on outdoor essentials including bikes, pool accessories, and lawn games. Small items go a long way with kids so it’s better to stock up and have plenty of ideas for the summer to keep them busy. Walmart also has so many stylish and affordable summer fashion essentials. I hope this post helped inspire you for the summer! 🙂