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Roblox Bloxburg – Twin Kids Bedroom Ideas – Minami Oroi

Roblox Bloxburg – Twin Kids Bedroom Ideas – Minami Oroi

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1st Bedroom
– Cost:10k
2nd Bedroom
– Cost: 9k
3rd Bedroom
– Cost: 13k
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Q. What’s your username in roblox?
A. My username in roblox is Minaxmii 😀

Q. Can I friend you in roblox?
A. No sorry! It will not be fair to others! but sometimes I put my joins on! :DD

Q. What application you use for editing your video?
A. I use Wondershare Filmora for a year now! hehe 😀 I recommend it to you guys!

Q. Can You Build Me A House?
A. Sorry I can’t! Due to schoolwork or other stuff! Hope you guys understand!
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