Remodelista Reconnaissance: Two-Tone Counter Stools in a Photographer’s Kitchen

Ever since we featured A Philadelphia Photographer’s Dream Kitchen with Ikea Cabinets and Semihandmade Fronts, readers have written to ask: Where are the two-tone counter stools from?

Fortunately, the photographer himself, Jason Varney, chimed in on Instagram with more specifics.

The Sighting

the stools in jason’s kitchen. photograph by jason varney (@va 9
Above: The stools in Jason’s kitchen. Photograph by Jason Varney (@varneyphoto), styling by Kristi Hunter, courtesy of Semihandmade.

The Source

the source, jason says? philly based lostine. they’re the white bas 10
Above: The source, Jason says? Philly-based Lostine. They’re the White Base Gordon Stools, made in Pennsylvania, and though they look, from a distance, like painted wood, they’re actually powder-coated steel with oak feet and seats. The Gordon Stools are available in a slew of combinations, too.

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