Living Room

Living Room Design Mistakes (And How to Fix Them!)

In this video, I go over some of the worst living room interior design mistakes that I see over an over again. This is part of my new design mistakes series, where I go room by room, discussing the mistakes that you might be making, and I include tips on how to fix them! So whether your tv is too high, or you just can’t find the right color palette for your home, there is something here for you!

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⏱ Timestamps:
00:00 – Living room design mistakes
00:29 – Doesn’t feel cohesive
02:11 – Not enough variation in your color palette
03:52 – Matchy-matchy furniture
05:57 – Rug is too small
07:35 – Not enough breathing space
09:03 – No variation in your lighting
10:20 – Living room is boring
12:09 – TV is too high
13:05 – Pushing all the furniture against the wall
14:15 – Keeping things you don’t like

📺. Videos discussed in this video:
How to make your home feel cohesive –
How to choose a colour palette –
How to choose a rug –
Measurement mistakes most homeowners make –
Lighting mistakes and how to fix them –

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