Living Room

ROBLOX| BLOXBURG| 5 Cheap Living Room Ideas♡| House Build|

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Value of Soft Living Room:$12,334
Value of Farmhouse Living room:$14,811
Value of Aesthetic Living room:$10,683
Value of Modern Living room:$11,825
Value of Basic Living room:$8,990

-Advanced Placing

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what do I film and edit on?
-I screen record using wondershare filmora 9 and i edit using a wondershare filmora 9 as well:)

Do you build for other people?
– I can’t due to my time ♡

Can I copy your build?
– yesss I love building houses for you guys to copy

Can you donate?
– I can’t because I need my money for my speedbuilds . ♡

Do you delete the houses after you build them?
– Yes, because I have no need to keep them 🙂